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This page is dedicated to our Masters, who have preserved

and transmitted the ancient and traditional wisdom of Acupuncture.‍
They have shaped us and without them the tradition would have been lost forever.

Wu Wei Ping Portrait.jpg

Master Wu Wei Ping/Wu Huiping

He was one of the most respected masters in Taiwan.

Charles Laville Mery was his first western student.

Later J.A. Lavier, A. Faubert and J. R. Worsley also came to Taiwan to study with him.

J.A. Lavier became the European representative for his teachings. 

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Charles Laville Méry

Charles LAVILLE-MERY was born in Périgueux, France. He dropped out of Medical School to help his father who was in charge of Egyptian Antiques restoration at the Louvre in Paris and in New York. 

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Gorges Soulie de Morant Portrait.jpg

Georges Soulié de Morant

Georges Soulié de Morant and Charles Laville Mery were the first Westerners to show genuine interest in Traditional Acupuncture.

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Nguyen van Nghi Portrait.jpg

Dr. N'guyễn Văn Nghị 

Was a Vietnamese physician and writer, specialised in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese medicine.

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Borsarello Portrait.jpg

Colonel Borsarello

Military medic in the French Air Force.

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André Faubert

Studied acupuncture with Charles Laville Mery and Jacques Andre Lavier.

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Jacques Andre Lavier

As a child he developed a passion for Chinese writing in which he was self taught.

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Dr. Albert Chamfrault

Albert Marie Pol Chamfrault 1909-1969.

On december 16th 1935, he received his diploma of Doctor of Medicine, he is laureate of the Faculty.

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Master Shen

Master Shen was the director of the Hong Kong School of acupuncture where Charles Laville Mery studied Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

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Pr. Leung Kok Yuen

Pr Leung Kok Yuen was an Internationally renowned teacher of acupuncture.

He was the 15th generation in a lineage of  traditional Chinese doctors.

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Thierry BOLLET B&W.jpg

Thierry Bollet

Thierry BOLLET studied acupuncture with some of the most renowned western acupuncturists. He was the founder of IEATC in 1979. IEATC is one of the oldest western school of Acupuncture. Thanks to him Classic Acupuncture is still taught in western countries. France, Switzerland, Spain.

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